“Learn The Path To Wealth”

We hold regular seminars to welcome both new members and to refresh existing ones.

Our next seminar will be held on (date to be announced). Spaces are limited, only early booking guarantees placement.

This is a full day event, and a brief details are given below:-

  • Founder member personally running programme
  • Costs for one day is £125.00, book two people together and the second reduced to £75.00
  • Limited seating - please book early
  • Full day intensive schooling - with question times.
  • Previous student guest speaker
  • Includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • Free parking and cloakroom facilities
  • Opportunity to meet like minded people
  • Seminar will be filmed, (audience not in view)
  • Extra products for sale, and seminar DVD available
  • Staff available to answer questions, and our aim is to make your day comfortable
  • Relax and enjoy the country air, and grounds of the house

“The Way forward” seminar will be held in our newly created Film Studio with ample car parking located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Full map, details and reservation card will be sent by both e-mail and snail mail.

We have ground floor facilities; wheel chair access to them is limited, so if you are disabled, please contact us for details.


  • Open your mind
  • What is motivation - how it applies to you
  • Until you start your engine - you're going nowhere
  • Bridge building with brain in gear
  • Personalise this (    “The Way Forward”motivation and seminar ) with goal building
  • Going nowhere and waiting to die
  • Lunch
  • Case histories and comparisons
  • The why and why not you could be
  • Yes I am in charge of my future
  • Knowing how - performs miracles
  • "The way forward" emails and questionnaires


This seminar will have the unique feature never offered before in any form of business or motivational aid seminar insomuch that forum members may contact us up to one week prior to filming to have their topic, query aspect towards their business or indeed any relevant item of interest to the forum members applied to the session.

Follow the stream of knowledge with Knoll House Interforum which flows into the ocean of success.

If you would like to be added to our seminar notification list
email us by clicking this link


Payments by PayPal

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