“Learn The Path To Wealth”


This title for a one hour DVD I actually took from a paperweight bought for me as a present when I was twenty years old. I have always found this short statement creates a reaction in the reader mostly in one of two ways the most common is to decry the short statement and come up with immediate excuses which all translate in some form or other to justify why the reader is indeed smart but yet not rich. Those with such a response to this anecdote are indeed difficult to assist in terms of self improvement or indeed climbing the financial ladder of success, for a better term.


There is a second reaction I have observed in the years I have displayed this motto which is that the reader has nothing to say but yet comes to realise that this could in fact be a wake up call towards success based on the creation of personal wealth. It is for exactly the same reason that together with my long associate friend and first forum member Joseph Stevens that I recorded this double take DVD that covers so many of the topics that are each part of taking charge of your own life for your own purposes and not simply becoming a pawn in someone else's game of life.

This is not a high powered motivation disc it is exactly as titled if you will see it in that spirit. For in everyone's life there comes a time when looking back we all wonder what could have been if we had only known something or met someone a little sooner. Experience is fine when you have it, but so much of it is bought with the coin of time a purse that cannot be refilled. This two part disc is in fact a method of passing on experience to you in only a relatively small amount of time. If in fact it sets you to thinking or realising that you can be either smart or as rich as you choose to be then it will have done its job and been the eye opener to you that my paperweight - which I still own - has been to so many of my personal visitors.

If Your So Smart Why Ain't You RICH
A DVD production from Knoll House Interforum

This unique DVD can be yours for the incredible low price of £29-87 post free.


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