“Learn The Path To Wealth”

You Are Going Nowhere....
Until You Know Where You Want To Go

Possibly the most amazing fact in this ultra modern computer world of ours is that the road to personal success is not a subject taught in any of our schools or universities and is still to this day in fact a lesson of life virtually unheard of almost to the extent of secrecy.

You know that governments keep secrets from you; banks and credit services of every kind record your details. We all of us know there is an elite of knowledge more over there are restrictions in place to guard that information from us.


Success however, does not come into any category that government or anyone else can apply restrictions upon. The only reason that so few of us have the information that creates success is that we have been subjected to it in some form during our lifetime. It was not taught to us at school or by any other education system.

“You Are Going Nowhere...” read carefully the story contained in this incredible publication, which not only unfolds in detail but also contains the reasoning and yes the psychology behind the simple thought patterns that anyone of us can adopt.

To be come a player in a game of life that is an adventure worthy of comparison to any biographical report in the subject of personal achievement. The true life character featured in this analysed report was quite literally 10 years old as the book opens. This is therefore, not a highbrow study using big words and weird anecdotes leaving the reader totally bewildered through its pages.

The aim of this e-book is to show the reader that simple thoughts and actions in regard to ideas which could have been shown to you years ago as a child are still applicable today no matter what age you may now find yourself.

I have to say that I truly doubt anyone could read this publication simply once and further that anyone with an interest in bettering themselves will undoubtedly read it may times over.

At its root, the story, the book and the author are the reasons for the creation of the forum itself. Few people who achieve success are willing to take the time to share it with others, we all observe that fact and accept it as the norm. With Knoll House Interforum we look to change this thought-restricted view to give all the individuals out there contact with like minds. Bringing about a society of individuals and people.


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