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To Dream The Impossible Dream

Everyone in the world treasures one piece of advice that they learnt or picked up somewhere along life’s highway. Words are what we live by, the right ones at the right time change our lives this can be the words we give to others as promises or commitment – even advice. More often it is those words we receive that makes the difference.

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There is also the words we dream of, or hope we one day might hear. At sometime for everybody, whether they admit it or not these will be words of love coming into the brain of the dreamer or indeed going out of that same mind. None of which we have to be asleep to actually dream of, those are the dreams we can control once we actually face the fact that we each can do so. Once any person starts to do this … a whole new world opens up to them.

This e-book ‘To Dream The Impossible Dream’ I wrote in the hope it will do exactly this for you – it is not a free e-book because if it was you would simply not take as much notice of it if it was. My experience over the years has shown me that those constantly looking for something for nothing will never become anything special to themselves or indeed to anyone else. People are judged by their actions and quite rightly so. There are no prizes or will there ever be for being average, if that is the highest expectation you can have in life then ‘To Dream The Impossible Dream’ is not for you.

The work of Knoll House Interforum falls quite distinctly into two brackets the section which is free of any charges for those who will lift themselves to the lofty stature of becoming ordinary with just barely enough to live on and who as such will struggle by. The higher education of the site is exactly that for those who know investment in themselves is the most worthwhile thing they can ever undertake. All you have to do at this time is quite simply decide which of these sections of life that you know exists you want to become part of. I can merely wish you every success in your chosen future and happy dreaming towards the same.


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