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Double Your Money In One Year

For those who have a little venture capital and would like to put it to work or even for people who have more than simply a little then what good is low interest rates when the trend of inflation wipes them out completely.

With a little thought and planned management there are indeed many people who laugh at interest rates because they simply do not produce wealth in any form whatsoever, actually quite the opposite for many who have borrowed money to trade upon the margin of interest in their venture. Something which to those of us who know better never made sense in the first place.

Double your money in one year £10,000 becomes £20,000. This is the easy path, most probably when you have done it like so many things before you will wonder why you did not do it sooner. Because once learnt, it can be vastly improved upon. Try to imagine this – if you could put out one pound and as a result take two back – this is important – take a quick personal test and by calculator or by pen and paper double that same one pound a few times and see the result that will appear before you yourself.

Right now I have to say that unless you actually perform this easy task or test you are probably wasting the time of both you and me to the extreme. Until the result of this simple experiment is clearly before your eyes then you simply do not know the potential you are looking towards. Please be very sure of that.

Once the mathematics behind this becomes clear to you then you yourself can decide how to proceed upon it and adjust your plans accordingly. As with any other working plan you can do a little or more as suits you. In fact you can even place others in the position to do it for you. It’s all quite simply a matter of knowledge and how to use it which is exactly why these special classes are so very detailed and skilled.

Although not many do so as their needs do not warrant it, earnings well in advance of £250,000 per annum have been achieved by our more dedicated students in times past, people who appear on occasion as guest speakers at our professional seminars and who are also listed in our book of unsolicited testimonials.

However, let us not get ahead of ourselves in the first instance. The subject of doubling your money comes first. The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say. Therefore, if we accomplish this task whether you do it yourself personally or employ others to do it for you, which incidentally is probably much easier that you may at first think. Let this be your starting point and from there we can look towards much bigger and better propositions.

It should go without saying that this is a very special class, in fact, almost unique. You will however only require normal note taking equipment and a clear head. For those travelling some considerable distance, recommended accommodation is available upon our links page.

This appointment is for one person and priced at £715. The six hour session commencing at 10am on the day of appointment. However, if a business partner is involved in your affairs to the extent you must be accompanied then the charge will be £785. Classes are only available on a limited basis owing to the obviously very full diary of commitments.

Please clearly mark all emails in correspondence on this class as ‘Double Your Money’ to avoid confusion between programs.