“Learn The Path To Wealth”

Introduction Seminar DVD set
'The Road to Success'

This unrivaled DVD set has approximately five hours running time, to try and explain all the content therefore in a short write up is quite simply impossible. examples and explanations of personal wealth creation fills the three discs from start to finish. How to change pennies into pounds, how to solve any problem, are only two steps covered in this amazing result of two days filming. The road to success, in other words, your path to success starts as you view the first disc (a trilogy of information that those in the pecking order above you would prefer you never to learn).

The Road to Success

Try to imagine, that even at the slowest rate of speech - around 120 words per minute - then there is well over 40,000 words coming to you, all of which are aimed at improving your financial future via the very best self help advice since the bible. Guidance towards some future venture of your own part time or full time, the choice is yours and with the support of the forum of forums. Then believe it or not the cost of this disc set is considerably less than .007 of just one penny per word, for a viewing and listening experience that could change your life - it already has for so many before you, so then why not you.

The guest speaker of this DVD set (a past student of the days before we went digital) explains at length how the live seminar he attended in 1992 did just that for him and goes on to say even more on the subject.

Filmed by Visual Techniks Limited. The most respected company for such an undertaking in the North of England, who are regularly engaged by the BBC for work in the area including the famed production 'The Last of the Summer Wine', you are assured that you will watch this professional creation many times as you see the road forward from where you are now to the place in life you could be with the correct assistance, or in other words forum membership.

Don't allow yourself to be left behind any longer with the crowd that say 'Money isn't everything' or the losers that say 'Good health and happiness is the only goal in life'.

Realise that you can have more good health and far more happiness when you also have financial freedom. Become able to say to such people 'I used to think like that myself until I joined Knoll House Interforum and became an associate member'.

The DVD set you are about to purchase concludes by a brief glimpse towards the forum itself becoming a business opportunity as the growing membership increases. A feature which the following DVD production 'The Way Forward' will go into further detail upon.

This 'The Introduction' DVD set is exactly as promised in so much it is only for those who want a better or more substantial financial income than they presently have or are receiving. No matter wether that requirement be part-time initially or to lead on from there later as experience is gained and put to work to create full-time self-employment. This forum series and this disc set is only about how much involvement you want. There will be no demands ever made upon you to do more than you wish to do, only you will ever set your own level of commitment to this system. Should it be that you already have all the wealth and luxury of this world that you seek - then this disc set and the concept behind it may well not be for you. Or as someone said not too long ago - if at first you don't succeed - then skydiving is not for you!!!

Other than that you may want to try again, and in that direction this disc set will be indispensable and your best purchase to date.

The Road to Success
A DVD production from Knoll House Interforum

This unique DVD set can be yours for the incredible low price of £197 post free.


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